Mixed Media - Suggestions for Painting and Vino From: St. Louis - Deb Brading

Mixed Media Suggestions for Painting and Vino

From: St. Louis


I guess sometimes, it pays to be a “keeper of things.” You know, the person who says, “Keep that, I can use that in something.” This almost immediately invokes a vision of a room piled high, wall to wall, with “keepers,” and barely a footpath running down the middle of the room. OK, I’m not that bad, but there have been odds and ends of things that for some reason, I “hung onto” them.


As I have been thinking about other “things” I could incorporate into our paintings, I realized that what I have come up with so far, has simply been from what I had laying around or “collected” with an artistic purpose in mind for the future.


This new painting for Valentine’s Day, Be Mine, has the canvas covered in gauze and paint. I found a stash of these gauze pads from various, outdated and expired first aid kits. I saved them because I used to use this type of material in my faux finishing. I saw that I have plenty for at least two classes, so why not use it? And the painting just happened.


Start with what you have, and think of what you can get free or at barely any cost. There are many things that you can incorporate into art that we have around us every day.


Here are some suggestions for other ideas. You will have to play with application methods for a class-type setting, but it’s all doable to a degree. When you get a stash of something, create the art, book the event.

·         Solicit friends and family for things they may want to get rid of like Grandma’s tub of 3000 buttons!

·         Hit yard sales for bags of vintage lace and fabric pieces

·         Old threads and yarns that are no longer suitable for sewing

·         Old or vintage greeting cards, (guests can bring their own to use also) Combine with buttons and plaster piping

·         Costume jewelry

·         Small twigs, leaves, grasses, artificial flowers, foliage

·         Basically, as long as it can be safely secured to the canvas by quick drying glue, plaster, or paint, you can use it artistically.

Happy creating!