New Venue Spotlight - Iron Triangle Brewing (Los Angeles)

We are excited to bring on our newest venue in the Los Angeles area, Iron Triangle Brewing. They offer a great selection of craft beers that is popularly sold throughout the city.

Look for these Painting & Brews painting events on the cale

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Importance of Giggles

Being able to laugh at yourself and others, in a positive way, is one of the many benefits of experiencing our classes. We spend so much time taking everything so seriously and being so hard on ourselves. Why not try out a paint night and have fun with it. Who cares if it's a stellar painting you can hang in a gallery. The idea is to enjoy it as an activity and soak up the light heartedness of the process. Our classes are affordable enough that you can toss the canvas if you really don't like it. Try again another day if you really need the wall art. Written by Nick LeGuern, Orange County artist/instructor: September 19, 2018Had a Fun evening with these folks at Chapter One restaurant and Bar, in Santa Ana last evening.The blond girl, Courtney, very intuitive artist I thought, had the giggles encouraged by th

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Teaching ART to Kiddos

Kiddos love to be creative. I, so thoroughly enjoy teaching kids how to paint or do art projects.

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Paint and Sip for Relaxation

OK, who’s with me…you work all week, take care of the house and the kids, run here, and run there, blah, blah, blah. Then the weekend comes and you envision relaxation but noooooooo…there are chores, family outings, sports games, more running here and there and, well, you know the rest.

Here is my point…You don’t have to save relaxation and date nights for Fridays and Saturdays. Sometimes, a night off during the week is some of the best therapy, especially when it’s creative and fun.

Coming out to dinner on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night can sometimes be what the doctor ordered for a nice mid-week break. Doing something creative even makes it better for your stress level and your brain! Getting out during the work week, and attending a paint and sip event, gives you and your kitchen a night off!

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Award Winner and Master Artist: Yanna Fabian

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Yanna Fabian. She is a Master Artist with Painting & Vino and she currently teaches classes in the Los Angeles area. Keep reading to learn more about Yanna Fabian and be sure to check out her upcoming class with Painting & Vino!🎨🎨🎨Q. "What inspires you to create art?"

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There Are No Mistakes in ART!

Painting, drawing, music…it doesn’t matter what the art form is. What many have considered to be “mistakes,” in the past, have turned out to be the artist’s “style.” And this goes for all forms of art.  For the purpose of this posting though, I will be referring to painting and drawing.

Art is like anything else in this world that you’ve had limited experience with. Ok, here it comes, Grandma’s old saying, “Practice makes perfect.” Well, my Friend, it does. Especially when it comes to something that you enjoy doing. Besides, as you are “practicing,” who says you have to paint for anyone but yourself? Start simple! Grab a glass of wine, and grab a coffee cup, and draw or paint it until you like the resul

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How to create a Pet Portrait that doesn't suck

Have you ever thought of yourself as a portrait painter? Probably not, as painting portraits lend itself to old masters, back in the days of the kings and queens with Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo at the helm. Portrait painting takes years and years of study. So how the heck do you paint your pet’s portrait and it doesn’t look like a cartoon rendition?

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Top 10 Reasons Paint & Sip Classes Are so Fun

1. Better than watching sports at a bar. Not that we don't love sports BUT painting classes gives you a chance to actually make something while you hang out with friends.

2. Channel your inner Bob Ross. Painting “happy little trees” ALWAYS makes you feel, well, happy!

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Offering great new venues in Sacramento for Paint & Sip classes

We've been working hard to get new venue partners on board to offer fun painting events at local restaurants. We hope our Sacramento painting class attendees enjoy the new atmosphere, food and drinks!

Now offering painting classes at:

The Union in Roseville112 Pacific St, Roseville, CA 95678 River City Brewing

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Painting & Vino Las Vegas Radio Spot

Way cool!!! Come take a listen to our radio spot for the Painting & Vino Las Vegas location:

Check out all the P&V Las Vegas events here:

Very Nice!!!

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News Feature in Wichita Kansas

Shout out to our Artist/Painting & Vino licensee owner, Tiffany Dreher, out of Wichita. She was featured yesterday on the local news to talk about our favorite holiday of the year - Mother's Day. 

Check out the video by visiting this link: NEWS FEATURE VIDEOFeatured on KWCH12 news - Where's Shane on the Morning Show. 

Might give you some great ideas for creative Mother's Day gifts!

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Painting for the fun of it

We like to think of Paint & Sip classes as the new alternative to sports watching at a bar. Not that we don't love sports, but painting seems to open up a whole new way for people to socialize in a public setting. Going out to eat is fun but why not have a little more social time enjoying food and drinks with your friends while you create something you can take home and keep longer than your leftovers.

Our events are meant to be lighthearted and fun. Painting in itself is a learned skill but if you let go of t

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Painting - even at 90

Yes our events are for ages 21+ BUT the age has no limits. We were blessed with a great group of guests to a recent painting event, in particular a 90 year old lady with her family. Art is such a great activity since it's mentally stimulating and does wonders for eye/hand coordination. 

“Another great night for canvas painting at Oak+Elixir in Carlsbad. And this lovely lady in the middle is 90 years old! She joined her daughters to have a fun night out, celebrating a daughters birthday. Just goes to doesn’t matter how old you, creativity, socializing, a glass of wine, making n

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Angela Kimble - - North Phoenix

I get so excited before an event when I am traveling to the venue! Painting is definitely my passion and that passion includes bringing out other people's creativity... especially those who say that they have never painted before.  I tell everyone attending a class to leave the world behind... have fun, relax and enjoy! It is so fun when each person goes away with a creation that they can be proud of. There is no such thing as a bad painting!

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“I Don’t Paint!” - Deb Brading - St Louis - Painting & Vino

“I Don’t Paint!”

4 Reasons Why You Should Try It

I guess, if you are adamant about this then you can scroll on by this post. But if you paused for just a second…haha, got you… may

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Mixed Media - Suggestions for Painting and Vino From: St. Louis - Deb Brading

Mixed Media Suggestions for Painting and Vino

From: St. Louis


I guess sometimes, it pays to be a “keeper

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