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Have you ever been to a painting class where their materials are sub-par? It kind of throws a trench in creating your potential masterpiece, right? Talk about, Buzz Kill! We know how important it is to have good products and that is why we offer high quality materials for our classes. We want nothing but the best for our customers!

Here, we give you a closer look into the materials we use and why we use them:

1. 9 Different Colors:

In our classes we offer 9 different colors of paint for you to choose from. Typically, other companies will only offer the primary colors and black and white, but we feel that offering the entire color wheel allows you to mix more complex colors and create an overall more sophisticated painting. Also, it allows you to be more creative and add some of your own flavor to the paintings!

2. High Quality Acrylic Paints

Although acrylic paints love water, sometimes certain brands take that to heart. Our paints are thick and easy to mix, unlike others that tend to be more runny and thin.

3. 5 Different Brush Sizes Are Offered

We believe that in order to really achieve that extra “umph” you should be given the choice to use a range of brushes that can create large spans of background and small, beautiful details that will really make your paintings stand out.

4. Professional Art Instructors:

Did we mention we only contract professional artists? You are guaranteed to receive professional instruction while attending our classes because our artists know their stuff. Art is a passion for them! Our assistants also love the arts. Many of them are in art school or have a creative background, so they are able to assist you as well!

5. Quality Canvas:

Canvas, canvas, canvas! We painstakingly tested and tried many different brands of canvas before landing on the best. Our canvas is hand-stretched on durable, wooden frames and primed for acrylic paints. Our canvases are great at holding paints as they absorb the pigment evenly and quickly.

6. Hand Crafted Measuring Stick:

We introduce to you, the Painting & Vino Measuring Stick! We use a 10-inch measuring stick to help you plot points on your canvas, allowing you to be more precise and professional with your composition.

So there you have it! Six reasons why your painting from Painting & Vino will be a high quality masterpiece when you are done and you can continue enjoying your buzz that has resulted from a) your amazing painting and b) the glasses of wine that may or may not have been consumed! Click here to find an event near you!

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