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Eight years ago, the paint and sip industry was a new, exciting concept that was far and few between, but now, the idea has spread like wild fire and you can find painting classes almost anywhere! With more competition popping up every day, we are constantly thinking of innovative, creative ways to separate ourselves from the pack. So how are we striving to be different? Here are 6 ways that we are stepping aside from the crowd:

1. Having the Best Art Instructors

We take the time to screen all artists and make sure that not only do they have talent, but that they know how to teach as well. All of the artists at Painting & Vino are passionate about the arts and love spreading their knowledge and passion to our customers. They are involved with their communities and are building their portfolios by participating and being involved in art shows. They truly love what they do and you can tell!

2. Instructing High Quality Paintings

Our classes are 3 hours for a reason. Our paintings tend to be more complex than a few simple objects and therefore we allot more time than most of the competition. Anything can be thrown together in 2 hours, but the results can be sloppy. With 3 hour classes, we make sure that everyone leaves feeling happy with their piece! Students are encouraged to make the painting their own. More time in class allows for students to unleash their own creativity! Take it from us, the 3 hours fly by, especially with a little wine by your side.

3. Offering Unique, Creative Classes

We have started to push the creative boundaries and are now giving you the tools to take your creativity to new heights! Have you been to several classes and feel like you have improved each time? Are you already an artist who is looking for a creative outlet? Our Creative Workshop challenges beginners and seasoned artists to create a painting like never before! Instead of following a step-by-step instruction of a specific painting, we ask that you come to the workshop with a blank canvas (provided for you), an open mind, and a willingness to let your creativity shine! You will be able to create any image you would like and you have Artist, Deron Cohen, there to guide you and help you make that image come to life!

Learn Details about our next Creative Workshop: Here

4. Focusing on the Art More Than the Party

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good party and truly believe that a little liquid courage can go a long way! However, we appreciate the arts. We want you to feel genuinely proud of your masterpiece and will do everything in our power to make sure that our instruction leaves you feeling confident, proud, and like a true Artist, because let’s face it, you are!

5. Offering High Quality Products

Instead of using red plastic cups that are thrown away after each class, we use re-usable plastic cups that are more eco-friendly and in our opinion, nicer to look at! The canvas we use is high quality, woven, and gallery wrapped, ready for instant hanging! A tighter weave and smooth, consistent priming makes our canvas stand out from the crowd. Our paints are high quality water-based acrylic paints. We offer nine different colors in order to allow for more mixing options and a wider variety of possible colors, which enhances the quality of the final painting. We also offer five different brush sizes in order to achieve more advanced techniques, again adding to the overall quality of your finished masterpiece. And don’t forget our handy measuring sticks! We use a measuring device to help plot important points on your painting to make those perspective lines that much easier to paint!

6. Getting Personal

We are finding ways to get to know you better! We not only want to provide you with fun, relaxing painting classes, but we also want to provide interesting, engaging content that you find useful in your every day life. We strive to be teachers, influencers, and inspiration leaders! In this behind-the-scenes photo you can see one of our loyal customers, Jasmine Sadler, as she participates in an interview about Painting & Vino. Jasmine’s favorite part? She says,

“My favorite part is that I get away from doing my engineering work and actually get to tap into my artistic side and paint. It’s a time to relax, and I also get to show my creativity. Each time I go to a new class, I feel more confident. It’s definitely a great experience to keep going, keep getting better, and keep learning.”

So, come see for yourself! What can you create in our classes?

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