DIY Fall Project: Mandala Pumpkins

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I don’t know about you, but when Fall rolls around, we start to feel extra crafty! We want to decorate our homes with pieces that remind us that the Holidays are near.

Our contributing writer, Katie Ornellas, has shared with us some fun, easy to do, DIY tips on how to create Mandala Pumpkins!

Get out the sharpies and the pumpkins, it is time to get creative!

Although Southern California is not known for dramatic seasonal weather changes, at the first sign of Fall, I always look forward to decorating my home with the new rich autumn color palate. The deep colors of mustard yellow, burnt orange, and rusty red become staples in my household as we anticipate the cooler months lingering before us. While searching for a simple way to bring the feeling of Fall indoors, I decided to use mini pumpkins as my canvas, and a metallic gold sharpie to free hand mandalas onto them.

Sometimes when creating, the most therapeutic route to take is the one with the least amount of rules. The mandala, with their repetitive and circular design, has long been practiced as a way of meditation and artistic self-expression. As explained by Psychology Today:

Circular forms in art are often referred to as mandalas, the Sanskrit word for “sacred circle.” For thousands of years the creation of circular, often geometric designs has been part of spiritual practices around the world and almost every culture has revered the power of the circle.

When I create a mandala, I like to begin with a small center focal point, in this case, the stem of the pumpkin. I have found myself seeking inspiration from nature, and often times end up creating a flower petal pattern as a starting point. From there, just let your pen (or paintbrush) guide you, and continue expanding around your initial pattern with a mix of dots, lines, triangles, or any other geometric shapes that call to you while creating. Feel free to get creative and to play with patterns and thickness of your designs.

There is virtually no right or wrong way to create a mandala and the beauty of this project is that you trust your intuition and watch your project blossom before your eyes. There is no need to visualize your final outcome until it is complete. Just trust yourself, and your pen, and clear your mind while creating these fun Fall decorations for your home.

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A creative twenty-something San Diego native with a passion for photography, jewelry making, and exploring the world.

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