Artist Exposed: Kari Powell

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We continue through our journey in getting to know more about our Artists! Learn about Kari Powell, one of our popular artists out of San Diego. Find out what she has learned from her students and how it has helped transform her into the artist she is today.

Name: Kari Powell

Art Instructor in: San Diego

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1. When did you start painting?

I started painting 17 years ago in high school. I loved Starry Night and wanted to learn how to paint like Van Gogh.

2. What made you want to teach painting?

My art teachers were a huge inspiration to me so I wanted to be like them.

3. What does art/painting do for you? How does it make you feel?

It feels great when someone appreciates your art enough to pay for it. Painting is a way to get lost in this bustling world, it’s relaxing and very stimulating at the same time.

4. What is your favorite painting subject? And what is your favorite medium?

I love ocean art because it flows and creates movement! I use mixed media to create my original art. I especially love acrylic on wood with Resin and sea glass.

5. What are the biggest challenges of painting?

The biggest challenges are getting consistent work. Successful months are when you triple your income because you sold 6 paintings.

6. What have you found to be most rewarding in your painting classes that you teach?

I love helping others get inspired to paint, I consider that a huge success!

7. They say that teachers learn more than the students, what have you learned from your students?

I’ve learned to paint differently. When I began teaching I changed my style to suit the needs of beginners. I found that I may have done certain steps in a way that made sense before, but they didn’t make sense when teaching. I believe I’m a better painter because of this.

8. Are there any specific instances that stand out from any of your classes that you will remember forever?

I remember a student coming to me after class saying, “Wow you helped me paint this. I couldn’t have done this without your help!” That made me feel good about my job and that moment will always stick out in my mind.

9. How do you decide to paint a certain painting for new submissions? Where does the inspiration come from?

I love Pinterest for new ideas. I will see a photograph, scenery, wallpaper, etc. and get inspired for my new submissions. I like to paint what I would want to display, which is, beautiful aesthetically pleasing pieces of art.

10. What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy painting (obviously), yoga, walking my dog, spending time with friends and family, and traveling!

11. Do you do anything else besides teach painting classes?

I am an interior designer, commercial artist (meaning I paint mural and faux finishes for businesses), I paint sunglasses for a company, I create 3D renderings for design firms, I teach private painting classes, and I paint and sell my own original art in 5 galleries. Lots of work, but it’s all different and I love it all.

12. If you can give your students one piece of advice for their artistic journey, what would it be?

Look at it as a journey! I tell people I’ve been painting for 17 years not to intimidate them, but to let them know it takes time and practice. Don’t give up, just keep painting and eventually it will feel like second nature.

Would you like to meet Kari in person and learn from her? Or maybe you are already a fan and want to join one of her classes? Please see her upcoming paintings below. Click the painting to be directed to more information about the class!

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