5 Ways Painting & Vino Calms Your Soul

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In today’s world, everyone is going 100 mph. We rarely take the time to slow down, live in the moment, and enjoy ourselves! Everyone seems to be racing for the weekend and constantly living in the future. Living life in this manner can be stressful and it can seem to make the clock tick that much faster. Where does the time go? Where has this month gone? This year is already over? Are common comments that we hear and think to ourselves often. At Painting & Vino, we realize this, and we strive to offer an outlet to where you can come and calm your soul.

Here are 5 Ways Painting & Vino Classes Calms Your Soul:

    1. It’s a social event! Human beings feel better even when just being around others, and we need close relationships in our life to be happy! So whether you come on your own and experience the community, or bond with your friends and loved ones, you’re adding happiness to your life!
    2. You tap into your creative side. Creativity makes you happy, science says so! Creativity allows us to seek novelty in our lives, which leads to more life satisfaction. And to add to that, the happier you are, the more creative you will be! It’s a wonderfully creative happy-cycle!
    3. You forget about your everyday stress. Focusing on a task you are unfamiliar with allows your mind to forget the stress and negativity that has built up throughout the day (or month!). Watch your stress fade away into the colors of the sunset you paint with us!
    4. You get to try something new! Science also suggests that people who try new things tend to retain more positive memories than negative ones. Whether you’re painting for the first time, or trying out a new instructor with us, the happiness possibilities are endless!
    5. And how can we forget… wine! Need we say more? But actually, wine does make you happy. And science is starting to show that it actually can make you healthier too! Happy and healthy? Win, win!

So, what do you say? You ready to calm your soul? Sign up for a class today and let’s enjoy the moment together!

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