5 Things To Know Before Attending A Painting & Vino Class

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You have probably heard of the ever growing popular painting classes at local bars and restaurants around town. You may have heard your friends talk about it or have seen pictures on social media. You think this looks like a fun event, but you think to yourself, “Ummmm, I can’t paint. What is expected of me? I don’t have supplies! How does this really work?” Don’t worry, these are all normal feelings and questions to ask yourself, but we are here to let you know, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to attending a Painting & Vino Event!

Here are 5 things you should know before attending a Painting & Vino class that will help calm your mind:

1. You can paint!

Yes, you. Do not convince yourself otherwise, because the truth of the matter is, we are all painters! Our instructors lead you step by step through the painting of the night and our assistants are there to help you along the way if you get stuck. Trust us, you will walk away with a masterpiece and will feel like a complete rock star. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it!

2. All the supplies that you need are included!

We supply you with paint, brushes, aprons (to protect your fashionable attire), canvas, easels, water cups, measuring sticks (a Painting & Vino original invention, humble brag), and all the napkins you could ever need. All you need to bring is your own creativity! (Yes, you have creativity too!).

3. Allow time to get there a little early!

Check in starts 15 minutes prior to the start of class. We suggest allowing yourself ample time to get to class and park because, as we all know, parking can be a nightmare sometimes. Most of our venues have designated lots, but for those in the city, be prepared to leave a little extra time just in case!

4. Yes, you can eat and drink during class!

We design the classes to be set at a casual enough pace in which you can order food and beverage throughout. Servers come around to you at your seat and will take your order. Please keep in mind, food and beverage is not included in the ticket price and is available for purchase through the venue. So, foodies and wine/drink lovers unite! This is an event for you!

5. You will make new friends! (If you want)

Although it is not mandatory, feel free to get close to your neighbor, they won’t bite. Our classes are usually full, so you may end up sitting next to a stranger, but don’t worry, you’ll bond and laugh over painting and drinking wine in no time! Some of our customers have met life long friends during our classes because we strive to create a fun and social community in every class. At Painting & Vino, everyone belongs!

We hope this information has helped better prepare you on what to expect in our classes and we hope you are excited to come unleash your creativity with us soon! Click Here to Select Your Location to Find a Class Near You!

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