The Painting & Vino Experience

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What makes your experience great at Painting & Vino? 

At Painting & Vino we are constantly seeking ways to improve your Painting & Vino Experience.  We do this by focusing on the customer experience from start to finish through our great customer service, highly skilled, friendly artists and polite venue staff.

We pride ourselves on having great artists who are skilled at art instruction. You don’t have to be a professional artist to create your very own masterpiece. We love seeing the variety of individual expressions through art. For us, it is more about the experience of connecting with friends and family as well as our artists/ Painting & Vino staff.  The Painting & Vino experience is an opportunity to find a moment in time where you can reconnect not only with other people, but it is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself.

We also have a list of great venues that we partner with who are happy to serve you by offering a great selection of food items and libations for purchase during your Painting & Vino event. We are always expanding our venue list to ensure that you, as the customer, have options! We want you to sample local food spots and have a unique experience every time you paint with us. We believe that variety is the spice of life.  We encourage artistic freedom and hope that you will find the freedom to express your inner artist.

If you haven’t had the pleasure already, we hope you’ll join us at Painting & Vino for a one of a kind sip & paint experience!





5 Ways Painting & Vino Calms Your Soul

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In today’s world, everyone is going 100 mph. We rarely take the time to slow down, live in the moment, and enjoy ourselves! Everyone seems to be racing for the weekend and constantly living in the future. Living life in this manner can be stressful and it can seem to make the clock tick that much faster. Where does the time go? Where has this month gone? This year is already over? Are common comments that we hear and think to ourselves often. At Painting & Vino, we realize this, and we strive to offer an outlet to where you can come and calm your soul.

Here are 5 Ways Painting & Vino Classes Calms Your Soul:

    1. It’s a social event! Human beings feel better even when just being around others, and we need close relationships in our life to be happy! So whether you come on your own and experience the community, or bond with your friends and loved ones, you’re adding happiness to your life!
    2. You tap into your creative side. Creativity makes you happy, science says so! Creativity allows us to seek novelty in our lives, which leads to more life satisfaction. And to add to that, the happier you are, the more creative you will be! It’s a wonderfully creative happy-cycle!
    3. You forget about your everyday stress. Focusing on a task you are unfamiliar with allows your mind to forget the stress and negativity that has built up throughout the day (or month!). Watch your stress fade away into the colors of the sunset you paint with us!
    4. You get to try something new! Science also suggests that people who try new things tend to retain more positive memories than negative ones. Whether you’re painting for the first time, or trying out a new instructor with us, the happiness possibilities are endless!
    5. And how can we forget… wine! Need we say more? But actually, wine does make you happy. And science is starting to show that it actually can make you healthier too! Happy and healthy? Win, win!

So, what do you say? You ready to calm your soul? Sign up for a class today and let’s enjoy the moment together!

We Want the Best For You

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Have you ever been to a painting class where their materials are sub-par? It kind of throws a trench in creating your potential masterpiece, right? Talk about, Buzz Kill! We know how important it is to have good products and that is why we offer high quality materials for our classes. We want nothing but the best for our customers!

Here, we give you a closer look into the materials we use and why we use them:

1. 9 Different Colors:

In our classes we offer 9 different colors of paint for you to choose from. Typically, other companies will only offer the primary colors and black and white, but we feel that offering the entire color wheel allows you to mix more complex colors and create an overall more sophisticated painting. Also, it allows you to be more creative and add some of your own flavor to the paintings!

2. High Quality Acrylic Paints

Although acrylic paints love water, sometimes certain brands take that to heart. Our paints are thick and easy to mix, unlike others that tend to be more runny and thin.

3. 5 Different Brush Sizes Are Offered

We believe that in order to really achieve that extra “umph” you should be given the choice to use a range of brushes that can create large spans of background and small, beautiful details that will really make your paintings stand out.

4. Professional Art Instructors:

Did we mention we only contract professional artists? You are guaranteed to receive professional instruction while attending our classes because our artists know their stuff. Art is a passion for them! Our assistants also love the arts. Many of them are in art school or have a creative background, so they are able to assist you as well!

5. Quality Canvas:

Canvas, canvas, canvas! We painstakingly tested and tried many different brands of canvas before landing on the best. Our canvas is hand-stretched on durable, wooden frames and primed for acrylic paints. Our canvases are great at holding paints as they absorb the pigment evenly and quickly.

6. Hand Crafted Measuring Stick:

We introduce to you, the Painting & Vino Measuring Stick! We use a 10-inch measuring stick to help you plot points on your canvas, allowing you to be more precise and professional with your composition.

So there you have it! Six reasons why your painting from Painting & Vino will be a high quality masterpiece when you are done and you can continue enjoying your buzz that has resulted from a) your amazing painting and b) the glasses of wine that may or may not have been consumed! Click here to find an event near you!

5 Things To Know Before Attending A Painting & Vino Class

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You have probably heard of the ever growing popular painting classes at local bars and restaurants around town. You may have heard your friends talk about it or have seen pictures on social media. You think this looks like a fun event, but you think to yourself, “Ummmm, I can’t paint. What is expected of me? I don’t have supplies! How does this really work?” Don’t worry, these are all normal feelings and questions to ask yourself, but we are here to let you know, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to attending a Painting & Vino Event!

Here are 5 things you should know before attending a Painting & Vino class that will help calm your mind:

1. You can paint!

Yes, you. Do not convince yourself otherwise, because the truth of the matter is, we are all painters! Our instructors lead you step by step through the painting of the night and our assistants are there to help you along the way if you get stuck. Trust us, you will walk away with a masterpiece and will feel like a complete rock star. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it!

2. All the supplies that you need are included!

We supply you with paint, brushes, aprons (to protect your fashionable attire), canvas, easels, water cups, measuring sticks (a Painting & Vino original invention, humble brag), and all the napkins you could ever need. All you need to bring is your own creativity! (Yes, you have creativity too!).

3. Allow time to get there a little early!

Check in starts 15 minutes prior to the start of class. We suggest allowing yourself ample time to get to class and park because, as we all know, parking can be a nightmare sometimes. Most of our venues have designated lots, but for those in the city, be prepared to leave a little extra time just in case!

4. Yes, you can eat and drink during class!

We design the classes to be set at a casual enough pace in which you can order food and beverage throughout. Servers come around to you at your seat and will take your order. Please keep in mind, food and beverage is not included in the ticket price and is available for purchase through the venue. So, foodies and wine/drink lovers unite! This is an event for you!

5. You will make new friends! (If you want)

Although it is not mandatory, feel free to get close to your neighbor, they won’t bite. Our classes are usually full, so you may end up sitting next to a stranger, but don’t worry, you’ll bond and laugh over painting and drinking wine in no time! Some of our customers have met life long friends during our classes because we strive to create a fun and social community in every class. At Painting & Vino, everyone belongs!

We hope this information has helped better prepare you on what to expect in our classes and we hope you are excited to come unleash your creativity with us soon! Click Here to Select Your Location to Find a Class Near You!

5 U.S. Wine Destinations You’re Probably Missing Out On

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You hear the words “wine country”, and without fail, visions of Napa dance through your head. But if you think outside the (wine) box, you’ll actually find a surprising new crop of emerging wine-country destinations popping up around the United States. Chances are, there is one not too far from your neck of the woods. Here are 5 U.S. wine destinations you’re probably missing out on:

1. Texas Hill Country
Try the Cabernet Sauvignon + Syrah + Sangiovese

Spanning across 25 counties in central Texas, including Austin and San Antonio, Texas Hill Country’s stunning vistas are an impressive backdrop for 46 wineries scattered throughout the region. A topography of rivers, lakes and hills lends a special terroir to the local grapes, while hot summers turn out bold, robust reds. Go for the wine, and stay for the Old West charm.

2. Traverse City, Michigan
Try the Gewurztraminer + Riesling + Pinot Grigio

I know what you’re thinking: Michigan wine country? Yep. 71 wineries, to be exact. Situated on a peninsula, the region’s chilly winters and close proximity to the water actually serve a threefold purpose: early frost is thwarted in the fall by the bay’s enduring warm temps, thick layers of lake-effect snow shelter the vines in winter, and chilly springs don’t often allow for early budding, which all adds up to light, clean, fresh-tasting wines replete with fruity flavors. It’s also one of the world’s top producers of ice wine, a potent aperitif made from the juice of winter-frozen grapes.

3. Loudon County, Virginia
Try the Viognier + Petit Verdot + Norton

Just 25 miles from DC, Loudoun County is home to rolling hills, family farms, and more than 40 (award-winning) wineries and tasting rooms. Grouped into six separate clusters, no two wineries are the same, with settings ranging from small barns to grand estates. With the Blue Ridge Mountains lining the horizon, you just might be tempted to see them all. With a temperate climate and rich soil, not to mention proximity to technical experts, Loudon County is quickly gaining a reputation as the Napa of the East.

4. Grand Junction, Colorado
Try the Merlot + Cabernet Sauvignon

As the home of the Rocky Mountains and the top ski destination in the US, Colorado already has a pretty impressive resume. But with more than 20 wineries and vineyards, Colorado’s Grand Valley is the icing on the cake. Red rock cliffs and mesas dot the landscape, while the arid Colorado climate produces thick-skinned red grapes that become full-bodied red wines never lacking in character. The annual Colorado Mountain Wine fest is a September tradition worthy of the pilgrimage.

5. Long Island, New York
Try the Cabernet Franc + Merlot + Chardonnay

Known more for its tony celeb-filled Hamptons, Long Island is actually home to 59 vineyards and 51 tasting rooms. The Island’s North Fork takes full advantage of sea breezes and moderate temps that protect the grapes from late frost and over-ripening, and fresh, zesty wines result. Farm stands brimming with fresh produce, winemaking courses, and even custom wine production round out the offerings.

About Our Contributing Writer: Katy Allan

Katy is a freelance writer, food blogger and founder of Savoring the Flavoring, a website entirely devoted to meal planning and homemade everything. She is gladly accepting stalkers on all social media outlets.

Instagram: @girlbehindthenums
Facebook: Savoring the Flavoring

Artist Exposed: Kari Powell

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We continue through our journey in getting to know more about our Artists! Learn about Kari Powell, one of our popular artists out of San Diego. Find out what she has learned from her students and how it has helped transform her into the artist she is today.

Name: Kari Powell

Art Instructor in: San Diego

Kari Powell’s Website:

Follow Her On Instagram

Find Her Art Classes Here

1. When did you start painting?

I started painting 17 years ago in high school. I loved Starry Night and wanted to learn how to paint like Van Gogh.

2. What made you want to teach painting?

My art teachers were a huge inspiration to me so I wanted to be like them.

3. What does art/painting do for you? How does it make you feel?

It feels great when someone appreciates your art enough to pay for it. Painting is a way to get lost in this bustling world, it’s relaxing and very stimulating at the same time.

4. What is your favorite painting subject? And what is your favorite medium?

I love ocean art because it flows and creates movement! I use mixed media to create my original art. I especially love acrylic on wood with Resin and sea glass.

5. What are the biggest challenges of painting?

The biggest challenges are getting consistent work. Successful months are when you triple your income because you sold 6 paintings.

6. What have you found to be most rewarding in your painting classes that you teach?

I love helping others get inspired to paint, I consider that a huge success!

7. They say that teachers learn more than the students, what have you learned from your students?

I’ve learned to paint differently. When I began teaching I changed my style to suit the needs of beginners. I found that I may have done certain steps in a way that made sense before, but they didn’t make sense when teaching. I believe I’m a better painter because of this.

8. Are there any specific instances that stand out from any of your classes that you will remember forever?

I remember a student coming to me after class saying, “Wow you helped me paint this. I couldn’t have done this without your help!” That made me feel good about my job and that moment will always stick out in my mind.

9. How do you decide to paint a certain painting for new submissions? Where does the inspiration come from?

I love Pinterest for new ideas. I will see a photograph, scenery, wallpaper, etc. and get inspired for my new submissions. I like to paint what I would want to display, which is, beautiful aesthetically pleasing pieces of art.

10. What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy painting (obviously), yoga, walking my dog, spending time with friends and family, and traveling!

11. Do you do anything else besides teach painting classes?

I am an interior designer, commercial artist (meaning I paint mural and faux finishes for businesses), I paint sunglasses for a company, I create 3D renderings for design firms, I teach private painting classes, and I paint and sell my own original art in 5 galleries. Lots of work, but it’s all different and I love it all.

12. If you can give your students one piece of advice for their artistic journey, what would it be?

Look at it as a journey! I tell people I’ve been painting for 17 years not to intimidate them, but to let them know it takes time and practice. Don’t give up, just keep painting and eventually it will feel like second nature.

Would you like to meet Kari in person and learn from her? Or maybe you are already a fan and want to join one of her classes? Please see her upcoming paintings below. Click the painting to be directed to more information about the class!

Artist Exposed: Kimberly Tabay

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We asked. She answered. We all became inspired.

We are tapping into the mind of our creative Art Instructor, Kimberly Tabay. What made her start painting? What does art do for her? And how does she get inspired? These are a few of the things you will learn by reading the below interview. She even shares some great words of advice for beginning artists!

Name: Kimberly Tabay

Art Instructor in: Orange County

Kim’s Own Business: Tabaybe J

Follow Her On Instagram

Find Her Art Classes Here

1. When did you start painting?

I remember as a child always wanting to paint and admiring works that I would come across.. I was never exposed to Art or offered art classes until I was in HS so I would buy art books and try to teach myself at an early age. I started to really get into painting in my early 20s when I enrolled in Art School after dropping out of FIDM.

2. What made you want to teach painting?

I jumped at the opportunity to make a living at something that doesn’t feel like I’m working.

3. What does art/painting do for you? How does it make you feel?

Being a Visual Artist is a life that I’ve committed to. Painting is a tool that my heart uses to interpret what moves my spirit and translates everything that inspires me. I usually go into a painting not knowing what it’s going to really be; yet, I know what I want it to feel like. When I do realize what is happening and things start to define themselves, I literally get a rush and can feel my heart begin to race.

4. What is your favorite painting subject? And what is your favorite medium?

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I really love to create movement on a canvas using light and color. I also love to create strong and poetic images of a woman’s spirit. My favorite medium is acrylic paint.

5. What are the biggest challenges of painting?

The biggest challenge of painting is having the confidence to show your work to others. There are people who I’ve known since I was a kid who never knew that I painted.

6. What have you found to be most rewarding in your painting classes that you teach?

The most rewarding things about teaching are the people I meet who are truly grateful at the end of class for their experience. I totally get a rush out of seeing someone surprise themselves and standing in a place of accomplishment.

7. They say that teachers learn more than the students, what have you learned from your students?

I’ve learned that art is truly magical. I’ve met many people who have never painted before and have been coming back for over a year now because painting has given them something new and refreshing in their lives.

8. Are there any specific instances that stand out from any of your classes that you will remember forever?

There’s nothing I specifically can point out, but I think it’s incredible that I have people that hug me at the end of each class. I have students who give me so much love. It just makes me feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

9. How do you decide to paint a certain painting for new submissions? Where does the inspiration come from?

I use a lot of photos I love for inspiration and color.

10. What do you like to do in your free time?

Most of my time is accounted for, but when it’s free, I’m doing something with my son or my really amazing family and friends. My son loves to paint and draw and we like to go to the beach.

11. Do you do anything else besides teach painting classes?

I have what I call a “Wearable Art Jewelry” line, Tabaybe J, that has been fairly successful and featured on various celebrities, music videos, shows, and editorials. I’ve taken the last couple of years to really plan out and build my brand which ties the world of Art and Fashion together. I recently re-launched my website and started my Youtube channel to market myself.

Also, for the last 3 to 4 years, I have been working with a very talented musician named Trevor Wesley, as a Creative Director for his project and have helped him develop the aesthetic and visual feel of his brand. I provide artwork, styling direction, and consult on all the visuals we produce.

12. If you can give your students one piece of advice for their artistic journey, what would it be?

Approach painting for yourself and no one else. Painting allows me to be in the mindset of accepting the things that I cannot control and creating the beauty around it despite my expectations. Let go and let it flow and always take pride in creating something out of nothing.

Want to Paint with Kimberly? Check out some of her beautiful paintings below and sign up today at!(Or click the painting to be directed to the registration page).


DIY Fall Project: Mandala Pumpkins

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I don’t know about you, but when Fall rolls around, we start to feel extra crafty! We want to decorate our homes with pieces that remind us that the Holidays are near.

Our contributing writer, Katie Ornellas, has shared with us some fun, easy to do, DIY tips on how to create Mandala Pumpkins!

Get out the sharpies and the pumpkins, it is time to get creative!

Although Southern California is not known for dramatic seasonal weather changes, at the first sign of Fall, I always look forward to decorating my home with the new rich autumn color palate. The deep colors of mustard yellow, burnt orange, and rusty red become staples in my household as we anticipate the cooler months lingering before us. While searching for a simple way to bring the feeling of Fall indoors, I decided to use mini pumpkins as my canvas, and a metallic gold sharpie to free hand mandalas onto them.

Sometimes when creating, the most therapeutic route to take is the one with the least amount of rules. The mandala, with their repetitive and circular design, has long been practiced as a way of meditation and artistic self-expression. As explained by Psychology Today:

Circular forms in art are often referred to as mandalas, the Sanskrit word for “sacred circle.” For thousands of years the creation of circular, often geometric designs has been part of spiritual practices around the world and almost every culture has revered the power of the circle.

When I create a mandala, I like to begin with a small center focal point, in this case, the stem of the pumpkin. I have found myself seeking inspiration from nature, and often times end up creating a flower petal pattern as a starting point. From there, just let your pen (or paintbrush) guide you, and continue expanding around your initial pattern with a mix of dots, lines, triangles, or any other geometric shapes that call to you while creating. Feel free to get creative and to play with patterns and thickness of your designs.

There is virtually no right or wrong way to create a mandala and the beauty of this project is that you trust your intuition and watch your project blossom before your eyes. There is no need to visualize your final outcome until it is complete. Just trust yourself, and your pen, and clear your mind while creating these fun Fall decorations for your home.

About Katie Ornellas
A creative twenty-something San Diego native with a passion for photography, jewelry making, and exploring the world.

How We Set Ourselves Apart

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Eight years ago, the paint and sip industry was a new, exciting concept that was far and few between, but now, the idea has spread like wild fire and you can find painting classes almost anywhere! With more competition popping up every day, we are constantly thinking of innovative, creative ways to separate ourselves from the pack. So how are we striving to be different? Here are 6 ways that we are stepping aside from the crowd:

1. Having the Best Art Instructors

We take the time to screen all artists and make sure that not only do they have talent, but that they know how to teach as well. All of the artists at Painting & Vino are passionate about the arts and love spreading their knowledge and passion to our customers. They are involved with their communities and are building their portfolios by participating and being involved in art shows. They truly love what they do and you can tell!

2. Instructing High Quality Paintings

Our classes are 3 hours for a reason. Our paintings tend to be more complex than a few simple objects and therefore we allot more time than most of the competition. Anything can be thrown together in 2 hours, but the results can be sloppy. With 3 hour classes, we make sure that everyone leaves feeling happy with their piece! Students are encouraged to make the painting their own. More time in class allows for students to unleash their own creativity! Take it from us, the 3 hours fly by, especially with a little wine by your side.

3. Offering Unique, Creative Classes

We have started to push the creative boundaries and are now giving you the tools to take your creativity to new heights! Have you been to several classes and feel like you have improved each time? Are you already an artist who is looking for a creative outlet? Our Creative Workshop challenges beginners and seasoned artists to create a painting like never before! Instead of following a step-by-step instruction of a specific painting, we ask that you come to the workshop with a blank canvas (provided for you), an open mind, and a willingness to let your creativity shine! You will be able to create any image you would like and you have Artist, Deron Cohen, there to guide you and help you make that image come to life!

Learn Details about our next Creative Workshop: Here

4. Focusing on the Art More Than the Party

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good party and truly believe that a little liquid courage can go a long way! However, we appreciate the arts. We want you to feel genuinely proud of your masterpiece and will do everything in our power to make sure that our instruction leaves you feeling confident, proud, and like a true Artist, because let’s face it, you are!

5. Offering High Quality Products

Instead of using red plastic cups that are thrown away after each class, we use re-usable plastic cups that are more eco-friendly and in our opinion, nicer to look at! The canvas we use is high quality, woven, and gallery wrapped, ready for instant hanging! A tighter weave and smooth, consistent priming makes our canvas stand out from the crowd. Our paints are high quality water-based acrylic paints. We offer nine different colors in order to allow for more mixing options and a wider variety of possible colors, which enhances the quality of the final painting. We also offer five different brush sizes in order to achieve more advanced techniques, again adding to the overall quality of your finished masterpiece. And don’t forget our handy measuring sticks! We use a measuring device to help plot important points on your painting to make those perspective lines that much easier to paint!

6. Getting Personal

We are finding ways to get to know you better! We not only want to provide you with fun, relaxing painting classes, but we also want to provide interesting, engaging content that you find useful in your every day life. We strive to be teachers, influencers, and inspiration leaders! In this behind-the-scenes photo you can see one of our loyal customers, Jasmine Sadler, as she participates in an interview about Painting & Vino. Jasmine’s favorite part? She says,

“My favorite part is that I get away from doing my engineering work and actually get to tap into my artistic side and paint. It’s a time to relax, and I also get to show my creativity. Each time I go to a new class, I feel more confident. It’s definitely a great experience to keep going, keep getting better, and keep learning.”

So, come see for yourself! What can you create in our classes?

The Hallo-Wine Event Was A Success

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We came. We drank. We painted!
and we survived the heat…

We want to thank Home Start for including us in this wonderful Hallo-Wine event that raised money for their amazingly beneficial programs that strengthen families and protect children in the San Diego County. There were some amazing stories being shared by people who have been a part of their program which were both inspiring and touching.

We also want to thank everyone in attendance who came and painted with us, despite the heat! We had a blast with everyone and we were thoroughly impressed by the masterpieces you were all able to create in 40 minutes!

Please scroll through the photos below to see how great the day was!

To learn more about Home Start please click here!

Thank You Everyone, For The Great Memories!

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